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Recreational Activities
June 17-Initial Program Meeting

June 24th-Quarters (4530 S. Sherwood Forest)

July 1st-Area 51 (10111 The Grove Avenue)

July 8th-Skate Galaxy (12828 Jefferson Hwy.)

July 15th-Don Carters All Star Lanes
             (9829 Airline Hwy)

July 22nd- Laser Tag of Baton Rouge
              5871 S. Sherwood Forest)

July 29th-Liberty Lagoon (111 Lobdell Ave)  
*All recreational activities will last for a
  period of one hour.
Because the vision of this program is not just based on having fun,
our program has been broken down into two hour intervals on a
weekly basis. The M.O.B. Squad meets every Friday at 6pm at the
M.O.B. headquarters. The first hour is dedicated to strictly bible
study and learning the word of God. The second hour is dedicated
to taking the youth to various recreational facilities so they can be
rewarded for their diligence in our vision and to give them a chance
to express their inner man through challenges, games, and recreation.